Really, Brah?

Did this movie really happen? Come on, McBrahnaughey.



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BRAHwear Item

Please check out our first original BRAHwear t-shirt on Zazzle. It comes just in time for the highly anticipated NBA off-season (A.K.A. The Summer of Lebron).


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BRAHonors-April ’10

Congratulations to our first ever BRAHonors recipient- San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito.

After three rocky seasons in the home of “Rice a Roni,” the former Cy Young winner appears to have regained his old form. No recent southpaw hurler was more fun to watch than Zito when he was part of “The Big Three” in Oakland, and it’s fun to see this true brah living up to his enormous seven-year, $126 million contract.

According to this FoxSports article, Zito was 31-43 with a 4.56 ERA in his first three campaigns with the Giants.

While many scouts felt Zito’s loss of fastball velocity would forever inhibit the effectiveness of his famous “12-6” curveball, the easy-going, guitar-strumming, Bay Area surfer finished this April 4-0 with a 1.53 ERA.

It’s cool to see one of baseball’s good guys turn his career around. If Zito’s able to maintain this success, the Giants will have one of the most intimidating and “bratherly” pitching staffs in recent memory (back-t0-back Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum shares Zito’s demeanor and natural talent).

Here’s to you, Barry Zito. Keep on keepin’ BRAHn’.

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So what is a Brah, exactly?

This BRAHg is aimed for those who either are currently brahs, or aspire to one day become one. A brah, literally, is a Hawaiian slang term for bro (which most of you already know is slang for “friend,” “buddy,” “dude,” “amigo,” or anything synonymous). In reality, however, a brah is much, much more.

Brah’s are privy to the secrets of a special way of life. They care a lot about very little, but know exactly what it is that makes them who they’re meant to be. Laid back style, unique intelligence, and open-mindedness are three quintessential characteristics shared by members of this special clan.

On this site, we will do our best to spread brah culture and wisdom. Whether by celebrating a BRAH of the Week, sharing relevant experiences/news, or developing a vast BRAHgroll for you to explore, we will always be striving to help make you (and the world) more brahtherly.

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Coming to BRAHmerica

Welcome to BRAHmerica…a place for, well, brahs.

This site is aimed to celebrate the brah within, as well as the special individuals best embodying the true essence of being a brah.

We are currently in development…but there will be plenty of pure BRAHggin’ excellence coming in the near future.

"Aloha, Mr. Hand"

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